RE-APPRAISAL ‘Some new thoughts on the teaching of Classics’ was published in 1962 by the Classical Association in response to the threat to the study of classical subjects from the decision of the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge to remove the matriculation requirement for Latin and in the face of changing circumstances in schooling at the time.

Some of the arguments and thoughts and ideas are as pertinent today as they were over 60 years ago.


Chapter 1_Brink, C. _1962_. Small Latin and the Classics. Reappraisal, 6-8

Chapter_2_Baty, C. _1962_. Classics in the Schools. A survey of the position and prospects. Reappraisal, 10-14

Chapter_3_Rowland, T. _1962_. Two Years of Latin. Reappraisal, 15-18

Chapter 4_Thompson, W._1962-. Readng the Classics Aloud. 19-24

Chapter_5_Colman, D. S. _1962_ The Classics and History. 24-28

Chapter_6_Vellacott, P. _1962_. Teaching Latin. Reappraisal, 29-34

Chapter_7_Pym, D _1962_ The Fig Tree. Reappraisal, 35-41

Chapter_8_Melluish, T._1962_ Latin Inquiry. Reappraisal, 41-47