Articles and Blogs about Teaching Classical Languages and Literature in schools


The Inclusive Latin Classroom. A US blog by a group of Latin teachers from all over the United States, colleagues and friends, veterans, mid-career and new to the profession.  Between us, we teach Latin in middle schools, high schools, and universities. We all have in common that we have embraced the theories and practices that make up Comprehensible Input.  We are clear that teaching Latin with CI has the power to create an inclusive classroom where all kinds of learners are welcome and capable of progress in the language.

Podcasts and YouTube videos

This external link to Rogueclassicism has an up-to-date list of links to podcasts about the ancient world.

Ian Hislop (Editor of Private Eye satirical magazine) explains why the study of Classics is important.

Ryan Sellers explains the value of Latin (TED talk).

Brief interview with Bettany Hughes about the value of teaching and learning about Classics (and her book).


Communicative approaches to teaching classical languages

van Bommel: Classics between prosperity and crisis. A report by van Bommel about communicative approaches to Latin teaching developing in Dutch schools (2016)

Is Reading Latin Impossible. Tom Keeline: Blog here.

Students learn to speak Latin. Zoe Greenberg: News report here.

But didn’t you do Grammar Translation? Seamus O’Connor: Blog here.

The cult of Mary Beard. Guardian news report here.

The rebellion of the 1% here blog

Non-elite Latin in the classroom blog here

Post-reading activities – do we need them? Blog here.

Comprehensible Input ideas

Clarq and Whaley: Ideas about Embedded Reading.

The Research Supporting the Comprehensible Input Hypothesis and CI Instruction. WordPress blog by proponents of CI.

Oerberg: Lingua Latina per se Illustrata. Oerberg’s account of his own work

VanPatten: Interview with Bill VanPatten at the ACTFL 2016. 3 most important things for SLA classroom practice.

How to do a movie talk. See this website for ideas.

Language and Language teaching. Krashen et al. here.


Information and Communication technology and Classics Teaching

Storyboards. A website which does them, including classical backgrounds and characters, is here.

A comic strip creator from Make Beliefs Comix.

Newspaper reports about the teaching of classical languages and civilisation

Parents signing up for Latin lessons. Daily Telegraph. 11.2.17

Pope’s Latinist heads to the Ivy League. SALVI. 11.2.17

Using Fables to Activate Latin. Erin Mackenna explains here.

Smash Doodle for the classroom. Blog here.

Mark Zuckerburg explores the fascination of Augustus. New Yorker profile here.

C S Lewis and Latin. Article here.

Jay-Z and Classics. Here.