Primary School Latin, Greek and Classics

Primary School Latin, Greek and Classics

At the moment I just have a list of websites which might provide some resources for teachers of Latin, Greek and Classics in Primary Schools.

Latin and Romans

The Minimus website: for all your KS2 Latin needs. Minimus is a KS2 Latin course book, with a story based in Vindolanda on Hadrian’s Wall. See here for details.

Hands-Up Education has a number of different free and online resources for primary Latin. See here for details.

Greek and Greece

Basil Batrachos (Basil the frog) is a new course book for 11-13 year olds starting ancient Greek. The book is free to download online here.

Greek stories. War with Troy / Metamorphoses and Return from Troy. Free, recordings, teachers’ handbooks and lesson plans. See here for details.

British Museum Ancient Greece: interactive website for Athens, Sparta, warfare, religion and more. See here for details.

A data base of Greek mythology videos here.

Greece and Rome

Teaching History with 100 objects (British Museum): resources, images and teacher’s advice on how to use the materials. See here for details.