Organizations to develop Classics in schools

There are a number of organizations which set out to develop classical subjects in primary and secondary schools and which support teachers in all institutions.

UK organizations

Association for Latin Teaching (ArLT) was founded over 100 years ago to develop progressive methods in Latin teaching. It also hosts back issues of the Journal of Classics Teaching up to issue 31.

Cambridge School Classics Project (CSCP), home of the Cambridge Latin Course.

Capital Classics is funded by the London Schools Excellence fund and delivers training and support in state schools throughout Greater London.

Classics for All is a national charity which financially supports the development of classical subjects in state schools in the UK.

Classical Association is the UK national association for Classics teaching at University and school level. It runs an annual conference and maintains journals, including the freely-available online Journal of Classics Teaching.

Iris Project, sending students from universities into primary schools.

Primary Latin Project, the home of the Minimus books.

Panoply, animations of Greek pottery to aid students’ access to the ancient world.