Other books

Other books on teaching Latin and other classical subjects in schools and higher education: contemporary and recent history.

Asterisked books are most relevant for the practising teacher today.



Classics Teaching in urope

Bulwer, J. (2006). Classics Teaching in Europe. London: Duckworth.


Claasics in Crisis

Culham, P. and Edmunds, L. (1989). Classics: A Discipline and Profession in Crisis. Lanam: University Press of America.


Teach the Latin, I Pray You

Distler, P. (1962). Teach the Latin, I Pray You. Chicago: Loyola University Press.


Forrest, M. (1996). Modernising the Classics. A Study in Curriculum Development. Exeter: University of Exeter Press.


When Dead tongues

*Gruber-Miller, J. (2006). When Dead Tongues Speak. Teaching Beginning Greek and Latin. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.


Starting to Teach Latin Cover

*Hunt, S. (2016). Starting to Teach Lain. London: Bloomsbury Academic.

Classics for All Booklet

Hunt, S. (2015). Classics for All: a guide for setting up Classics in primary and secondary schools. London: Classics for All.  pdf version available here. For details of how to apply for a grant to set up Classics in your school (UK only), please follow this link.


Latin for the 21st Century

*LaFleur, R. (1998). Latin for the 2st Century. From Concept to Classroom. Glenview, IL: Scott Foresman-Addison Wesley.


Changing Classics in Schools

*Lister, B. (2007). Changing Classics in Schools. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


Meeting the Challenge

*Lister, B. (2008). Meeting the Challenge. International Perspectives on the Teaching of Latin. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


viae novae

Morris, S. (1966). Viae Novae. New Techniques in Latin Teaching. London: Hulton. (out of print)



* Morwood, J. (2003). The Teaching of Classics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


Musie, M., Holmes-Henderson, A. and Hunt, S. (forthcoming 2018). Forward with Classics! London: Bloomsbury Academic.


From Abortion to Pederasty

Rabinowitz, N. S., and McHardy, F. (2014). From Abortion to Pederasty. Addressing Difficult Topics in the Classics Classroom. Columbus: The Ohio State University Press.


On Teaching Classics

*Sharwood Smith, J. (1977). On Teaching Classics. London: Routledge and Kegan Paul. (out of print)

Other books on teaching Latin and other classical subjects in schools and higher education: historical.

Teaching Classics in English Schools

Adams, M. (2015) Teaching Classics in English Schools, 1500-1840. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars.

Learning latin and Greek from Antiquity to the Present

Archibald, E., Brockliss, W. and Gnoza, J. (2015). Learning Latin and Greek from Antiquity to the Present. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


Learning Latin the Ancient Way

Dickey, E. (2016). Learning Latin the Ancient Way.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


A History of education in Antiquity

Marrou, H. I., Trans. Lamb, G.  (1956). A History of Education in Antiquity. Madison, Wisconsin: University of Wisconsin Press.


The Living Word

Stray, C. (1992). The Living Word. W. H. D. Rouse and the Crisis of Classics in Edwardian England. Bristol: Bristol Classical Pess.


Stray, C. (1998). Classics Transformed. Schools, Universities, and Society in England, 1830-1960. Oxford: Clarendon Press.