Steven Hunt. The Author

Starting to Teach Latin CoverAfter completing his PGCE Steve has taught Classics for thirty years in comprehensive schools in Greater and Inner London and in rural Hertfordshire. Specialising in Latin, he also taught Ancient Greek, Classical Civilisation and Ancient History from GCSE to A-level. For eight years he was a mentor for the PGCE in Classics at Cambridge, and he became the course leader in 2008.

Steve has a particular interest in the teaching of Latin language and the ways in which pupils can access and develop their understanding of the Roman world through exposure to original source material. He is also interested in the design and use of materials for teaching and learning Classical Civilisation courses.  Steve contributes to CPD events at national and regional level, and has undertaken consultancy work for such organisations as QCDA, OCR, WJEC, EDUQAS, Classics For All, and the Cambridge Schools’ Classics project (CSCP).

Current research interests focus on teacher training provision for non-specialist Latin teachers – closely following the experiences of teachers in secondary schools in Sussex and Norfolk. He has particular interests in the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Classics education and the pedagogical  uses of spoken Latin.

To read articles written Steve, visit the site or visit the Cambridge PGCE website

There is also a booklet on the Classics for All website which gives a step by step guide to how to set up a Latin or Classics class in school. See here for the booklet.

Apart from Starting to Teach Latin, Steve has a umber of other projects of interest due to come out over the next few years. For these, see the ‘Steve’s Forthcoming Books’ tab.