Teaching Classics with Technology

Teaching Classics with Technology

Due for publication in June 2019 by Bloomsbury Academic

Bartolo Natoli and Steven Hunt


Foreword                   Kenneth Kitchell

Introduction               Bartolo Natoli and Steven Hunt                                              

Part I  Blended and Distance Models

1 Flipping Romans: experiments in using technology for teaching in higher education Kate Gilliver

2 Auream quisquis mediocritatem diligit: The Joyful Learning Community Model for Learning Latin Online Justin Schwamm

3 Distance Learning Latin Verity Walden

4 Making IT Count: Measuring Student Engagement with Online Latin Resources at the Open University Mair Lloyd and James Robson

5 VLW, Latin Literature, and Student Voice Elizabeth Lewis

6 Going Digital: The Principles behind CyberCaesar Alan Chadwick

7 Una Vita: Exploring the Relationship between Play, Learning Science, and Cultural Competency Stephen Slota and Kevin Ballestrini

Part II Classics without Language: Literature, Culture, and Outreach Models

8 Using Virtual Learning Environments for Classics Outreach Emma Searle

9 From Research on Roman History into Cartoons and Outreach to UK Schools Ray Laurence

10 Vase Animations and Primary-Aged Learners Sonya Nevin

11 Sketchup and digital modelling for Classics Matthew Nicholls 

12 iPad Technology and the Classics Classroom Caron Downes

13 Just-in-time learning: Using handheld voting devices in the undergraduate lecture room Helen Lovatt

14 Teaching the Geography of the Ancient World Scott Arcenas

Part III Using Technology in the Ancient Language Classroom

15 Bridging the Gap between Students and Antiquity: Language Acquisition Videos with Minecraft and CI/TPRS Jessie Craft

16 On Stage and Screen: ‘Big Book’ Latin and Dialogic Teaching Steven Hunt

17 Using Annotations in Google Docs to Foster Authentic Classics Learning Roger Travis

18 Project-Based Learning, Technology, and the Advanced Language Classroom Bartolo Natoli

19 In the Classroom with Multi-Modal Teaching Lisa Hay

Appendix I    Glossary of terms

Appendix II   Comparison of UK and US Educational Systems